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The new design is a custom made WordPress theme designed by PJ.  The new logo was also designed by PJ.

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Ritchie’s entertainment blog gets a new design by PJ.

The new design includes an all new header and menu as well as a featured bar.  We also added the color blue into the site.  The article titles are larger and blue.  The date, author and categories are now at the bottom of the articles.  The articles font is also now black, instead of the dark grey that it was.  The articles are also slightly wider.  The sidebars now have blue headlines, insted of the black and white headlines that it had.

The only part of the website that is the same as the last design is the sites footer.  The footer was custom made for Ritchie’s original design by PJ.

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Filed Under What's New is the site you are currently browsing.  It is powered by WordPress and is a completely custom theme.  It features a random movie by Ritchie on the sidebar and 5 random art pieces by PJ on the header.

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How far would you go to save the woman you love? With just a touch, Sam has visions of people’s deaths, an ability that he has tried his best to ignore (since an accident at a young age). But after meeting Michelle and falling for her, Sam gets a vision he can’t ignore.

Directed by Ritchie Steven Filippi.
Written by Ritchie Steven Filippi and Stef Seipal.
Poster Designed by Ritchie Steven Filippi.

David Fumero as SAM
Julie Cavaliere as MICHELLE

HFC Winter Film Festival 2004 (December 2004)

2005 HTV Awards: Best Commercial (For the Fate Trailer)

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